Young entrepreneurs suggest these as the best ecommerce platform for start-ups

Are you starting a new business and are looking for the perfection solution for it? Then this is the right article for you. There is an incredible amount of ecommerce platforms, since more and more of them are becoming available every single day, and that can really put a lot of stress on making the right decision.

Before you even start looking you need to take a good look at your business and see what it is that it needs the most because this is a great way for you to know where to start. To help you out, today we are going to be talking about a few options that are really worth checking out and that we believe can each be the best ecommerce platform for start-ups, so make sure to keep reading to find out more about them.


If you are familiar with WordPress, or have a website with them, then you are also most likely familiar with WooCoomerce. This is a plugin that works with any WordPress website, however it has also become a standalone ecommerce platform. Of course, having a WordPress website is key in order to work with this platform, but once you get that site you will be able to enjoy a very secure payment gateway as well as one of the best shopping carts out there. 

The admin panel of the platform is incredibly easy to manage and something that is very suitable for beginners, which is why we believe this is a great platform for start-ups. There are a ton of apps and plugins that you will be able to get from the app store, but unlike a platform like Shopify, apps are not something that you will be dependant on.



Speaking of Shopify, regardless of the fact that there are several downsides to it, it is still one of the best options out there for the best ecommerce platform for start-ups. As a platform that was specifically designed with small businesses in mind, this is definitely a solution that you need to seriously consider. Shopify is one of the All in one international ecommerce solutions and the best options in many regards in Australia; thanks to all of the amazing tools you will have access to, you will be able to create a professional and stunning ecommerce website in just a few minutes.

All of the themes that are available look amazing, even the free options, and they are all mobile ready, which is very important nowadays, and that will assure that your website looks great no matter what kind of device your customers are shopping on. It does depend on some of the apps and add-ons that you will find in their app store, but we believe that is a small price to pay for what you will be getting.


This is a much more different platform compared to the other two and that is mostly because this is an open source platform that is self-hosted. There are some other kind of responsibilities that come with working like this, and they mostly have to do with you taking care of your own software, doing your own maintenance, dealing with security and so on. However, this is a web developer’s dream because of it being open source and that will allow you to completely rewrite some of the code and customize the ecommerce to suit you better. There are also over 900 plug-ins and extensions which are great tools to have.

When the choice you have to make is difficult and you don’t really know where to start, an article like this is really a good way to go. We hope that you liked learning more about these ecommerce platforms and that you are going to take the time to check them out, and we definitely encourage you to do that because one of them may end up being the best ecommerce platform for start-ups.